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Relax Massage Center highly recommended Massage and Health services provider in Islamabad. Our skilled staff knows how to treat every client according to each individual’s unique needs. We ensure that your body is treated with care and love by most capable and experienced massage therapists.
We believes in restoring both your mind and body, while lifting your spirits. Perfected and practiced by well-trained healers and therapists, our spa provides quality spa therapies, ancient as well as modern massage treatments which not only relax your senses but also revive the damaged tissue. The natural, high-quality skin-care products, anti-stressing therapy oils, revitalizing essences, together with the globally acclaimed wide range of healthcare products, help restore your energy levels.
In massage therapy, a trained, certified medical professional (massage therapist) manipulates the soft tissues of your body — muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin. The massage therapist uses varying degrees of pressure and movement.
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Relax Massage Center offer wide range of luxurious massage services in Islamabad at Great price, luxurious environment with relaxing music.

    • RELAXATION100%
    • OIL MASSAGE100%
    • ANTI-AGING90%
    • HEALTHY SKIN100%
    • HAPPY ENDING100%


    My first massage experience in Relax Massage Center. I had my first full-body massage there from the very pretty and in many ways delicate Lily, who had a deep husky voice, large hands and feet, and an adam’s apple. I was mildly disconcerted as these facts filtered into my consciousness, but she gave a great massage deftly finding knots and pains, and this is now where I go for ‘regular’ massage in Chiang Mai. It’s a fairly strong massage style, and I am usually a bit sore the next day, but it definitely loosens things up. It also, unlike the UK, uses most parts of the masseur’s body – hands, elbows, knees, feet, forearms. Sometimes you feel like a pretzel tied in a knot with the masseur, arms interlinked, their feet in your back, as you bend backward. Don’t be scared. It’s all doing you good


    I combine this with a more relaxing and less painful massage from the amazing., an all-senses experience which is probably the most indulgent massage I’ve ever had.  They have designed in colors, scents, and even a soundtrack for their massages.  I usually float out of the door!

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